Claircognizance is the ability of "clear-knowing" or knowing without knowing how you know. Well, sort of. When you are unaware of the gift, it is a knowing without knowing how you know. But when you are aware of this ability, you do know how you know.

This ability is associated with the 7th Crown Chakra at the top of the head. This ability can often be connected to the other Clairs in which you get additional information from this ability connected to how you perceived the energy around you. For example, you feel the presence of someone else around you with your Clairsentience and then you find yourself knowing a bit more about the individual than just the initial energy reading. Other times, you just know information without the use of other Clair abilities.

One analogy for this ability is downloading information, of various sorts and usually from the Akashic Records. Perhaps you'll specialize in knowing things about the past, whether past life information or general historical information. Or maybe you'll be aware of possible future events. Sometimes it can even manifest as knowing that someone is no good or is lying to you. General intuition can be associated with this ability as well. Knowing when to trust someone or knowing when something isn't right or about to happen.

In general, Claircognizance does not manifest any physical symptoms with it like Clairsentience will. The only symptom you may get with Claircognizance is a headache or pressure around your crown chakra, where you receive your information. Doing chakra clearing and healing will help alleviate this. However, if you do get physical symptoms with your knowing, it is likely because you have Clairsentience as well.

As this ability develops, you can use it in conjunction with other Clairs that you are proficient in or without them. You generally will develop specific information gathering techniques, where your ability works slightly differently than someone else's by either perceiving the information in different ways or focusing on different information. Some of these means may be general information others may focus on past or future information. This is where you get precognizance and retrocognizance. Seers sometimes use one of these in conjunction with Clairvoyance. Psychometry is another specialized way claircognizance can be developed.

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