Clairaudience is another well-known Clair ability. It means "clear-hearing" and as the meaning implies, you can hear things that are outside the normal range of hearing. This can be in the form of whispers of non-physical beings or even the thoughts of other people.

The chakra associated with Clairaudience is the 5th Throat Chakra of communication (although in some systems that include Ear Chakras, it would be those this ability is connected to). This chakra is also a key chakra for Channeling, as the voice is needed to communicate. The throat chakra is linked to not only the voice but also hearing as both are keys for communication. Therefore, Clairaudience is the ability of clear communication.

This ability can often synced with Clairvoyance and the two will work together (although any Clair ability will work in conjunction with the others). It becomes helpful to hear the voice of someone you are seeing that isn't in a physical body. If all you can do is hear the spirits around you, which can be unnerving, you can always work on developing other Clair abilities to see or feel who you are hearing. You are never limited to just one ability.

Like Clairvoyance, this ability is not always linked to physical hearing and you should not expect to hear with your physical ears. Sometimes it is more internal, like a mind link or form of telepathy. I have heard some psychic-mediums say that hearing disembodied voices that you cannot shut off and tune out is indicative of some sort of psychological disorder (being a hallucination). True clairaudience, even untrained, can be turned down or shut off. The things you hear internally or externally can be blocked out with intention and will. Warning: If you are unable to shut out the voices and they tell you to harm yourself or others, please seek professional help, as we cannot help you.

This ability can sometimes be the scariest if you aren't prepared and don't understand where the voices you are hearing are coming from. Hearing voices is often considered a sign of insanity and schizophrenia, but Clairaudience is not a bad thing. Depending on your awareness, you can learn to shut off the ability from time to time to focus on you daily life and where the ability will not interfere with your life. With skill and time you can distinguish what it is you are hearing and it might no longer be as scary. The best analogy that I have heard is to think of clairaudience as dials on a radio, where you can tune into different channels/frequencies and also adjust the volume. If this analogy doesn't work for you, come up with a way that works for you. The key to any of these Clair abilities, to distinguish from sanity and insanity, is your ability to learn to shut it off from time to time so it doesn't interfere with your daily life.

Note: While I enjoy watching Long Island Medium, I disagree with her "inability" to shut off her connection to Spirit. Some people out there choose to not shut it off their abilities because 1) they probably enjoy the attention, 2) they are too heavily reliant on their ability, or 3) they are charlatans and don't really have a legitimate gift. While some of these people may be legitimately gifted, use caution when dealing with them.

Sometimes this ability can start out as whisperings and develop to hearing full conversations and thoughts. When developing this ability, it is often easiest and less scary to start out focusing on your angels and communicating with them. Trying to listen to your spirit guides is also helpful when starting out as these spirits are here to help us. Eventually you could start focusing on other people's angels and spirit guides and then even the deceased and other races that have no physical bodies.

There are different ways to develop your ability and to ensure that it doesn't interfere with your life and make you seem crazy to answer questions that people only thought rather than spoke. You have to find the ways best for you in controlling your ability, just like with the other Clairs. There are also a few ways to specialize Clairaudience, including mediumship/channeling, and telepathy.

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