Gifts from the Creator

Every individual has some sort of gift from God. Though really anything in life can be considered a gift from God, we are referring to what are more often referred to as psychic abilities. They can be called psychic, magical, mystical, ESP, etc. They can be referred to as abilities or gifts, talents or powers. Any of these terms can be correct. They are natural, innate abilities that we have or else can develop to some extent. They are our own gifts which are special and individualized to each one of us. We are all unique and we thus manifest these abilities in slightly different ways, but general ideas still apply to each gift type. Just remember, everyone is psychic. Even you.

Now, as children, we are all more open to these gifts and thus use them on a more regular basis. But because of how fixated our world is on the material and physical world, we become disillusioned with the mystical world of the metaphysical and spiritual realms. We are told not to believe in the "imaginary" friends we see and talk to. We are told that hearing the voices of unseen people is wrong and a signifier of insanity. We are told seeing things like our dead loved ones are just fantasy or else a freaky coincidence. Sometimes we become scared of what we are experiencing because no one supports it or our experiences with it are terrifying because we don't understand it. We push down our natural talents and gifts down to deal with the presumed "real" world.

We will spend years believing that it was all make-believe until we find ourselves in the midst of puberty or some tragic life event that reawakens our gifts. It is often between our teenage years or early twenties that our gifts will start manifesting again. We again are given the option of accepting our gifts or ignoring and rejecting our gifts. This isn't our last chance to accept or reject them, but it is a pivotal point in our spiritual development.

We don't always reject our gifts as children. Some of us grow up in accepting households that foster the development of these gifts. Others of us have gifts that are more subtle and more easily passed off as general intuition that doesn't get squashed by those who are closed-minded or afraid of psychic abilities they do not understand or believe in. But whether we pushed down our abilities or they persisted while we were growing up, our acknowledgement of these gifts and acceptance of them will bring us closer to the Creator and in tune with the Universe. We are able to develop ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and altogether wholly when we work with all our natural God-given talents.

The following pages within this section are not necessarily meant to be a means of developing your talents. We want to clarify and explain what these gifts are and ways to tell if one or more of these is some ability you possess yourself. Each person works differently and these are general explanations to how these gifts can work, but you have to find out for yourself how it works for you. If you do have questions for ways of strengthening your gifts, we are here to teach and help you so please send us your questions and we will find ways to help you develop yourself. Here we provide links to websites and a list of books that you can use to find ways to develop your abilities.

While we are each born into this lifetime with a certain natural psychic ability or two, we are not limited to only developing those gifts we were born with. We are capable of learning and developing any and every ability out there. Our natural, primary abilities will be easier to develop and will often be much stronger than any secondary ability we try to develop. Don't let this stop you from trying to develop other abilities. Any ability you develop will help your own personal spiritual development and enlightenment. Expanding all your psychic senses helps to make you much more well-rounded than those who rely solely on one ability (often causing them to be narrow-minded). We are all psychic and can develop these gifts to bring us closer to the Creator and in harmony with this universe.

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