Note: Please bare with us as we get this website up and running to its fullest extent. We have currently only gotten a few pages up that we thought were necessary for everyone to gain knowledge about. Over the next month information should be posted gradually. Thank you. - Ashley

What you will find on these pages is our knowledge and experiences of a part of this world that many are unaware. We believe that you, as a part of this world, are ready to know about it all. We are here to pave the way for the coming Enlightenment that we feel we have been chosen to help with. More specifically, we have felt the call to share the truth with all who may come across this page.

What we have to say may be unbelievable to many or considered fantasy and delusions; that we are crazy. We think the same many days and frequently reference the DSM-IV-TR to decide if we are. Some will call us liars, charlatans, or evil; that we are spreading lies. But we assure you that we are telling you the truth as we have experienced it. We want to share these truths and experiences with the world that we feel is ready to know these truths. We want you to ask questions about what we have to share. We feel that if you don't question and formulate your own beliefs, you won't be able to use the knowledge for the highest good of this world and your own spiritual development.

The information we share is meant to help you learn and grow as individuals spiritually. As you question, feel free to contact us with your questions. We are more than happy to answer you and clarify anything that you wish to know about. However, if you come here thinking we are liars or wrong on everything, we do have the right to ignore you messages that you might send. See our disclaimer page for more on this.

What you will find in the following pages of this website will be information on the history of our world, the races of beings that inhabit the world around us that we may not be aware of, and general information about the metaphysical world. You can also find information about who we are and how we came to be a part of all that we are sharing with you.

Browse these pages at your leisure with an open mind. Send us your questions and comments.

Make the Path. Seek the Truth. Share the Knowledge. Enlightenment.

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